Who KBI Is

Growing up in a family of project managers in Houston, Texas, Kendra Benson began highlighting plans and helping in various design roles for Baker Concrete Construction during her high school career. Discovering a love for home design, Kendra decided to attend the Art Institute of Houston and graduated with a bachelor of science in Interior Design in 2009. She then studied under some of Houston’s top designers, such as Jane Page Design Group and Twenty-Two Fifty Interiors, designing 30+ homes during her tenure with both companies. 

Kendra eventually moved into an administrative position for the American Society of Interior Designers where she came to know many industry partners and designers across Greater Houston. In 2019, she started her own company, Kendra Benson Interiors, and has designed 10+ homes with Echo Custom Homes, a company of Houston natives that serve the needs of the evolving Houston culture.


Core Values


KBI not only wants to develop homes but also wants to develop relationships. Home is the place where people experience milestones, escape from stress, feel accepted, and more which makes the home sacred. KBI wants to know what makes the home sacred for the client and because of this, KBI takes a relationship-first approach and prioritizes it in the core values. 


With the rise of social media and networks like HGTV, flashy trends and designers receive attention and praise; however, the practicality of the trends and designs are ignored. KBI acknowledges this growing problem in interior design and hopes to champion aesthetic functionality in the home rather than notoriety for being in vogue. KBI assesses the client’s lifestyle habits and tries to incorporate that with the client’s vision of the home to create an inviting, beautiful design for a future forever home.  


In a market saturated with goods and home designers, KBI desires to find quality products at budget prices to make the home designing a pleasant experience. KBI shops, sources, and acquires quality products while constantly communicating with the client so that the client knows exactly what type of product will be delivered and how much money is saved.